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Analysis and Treatment of Grounding Fault of High Voltage Motor Winding
2019-09-12 11:36:36

Motor maintenance, analysis and treatment of high-voltage motor winding ground fault, with high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance. It has been operating normally since it was put into operation. However, in December last year, the motor was protected during operation. The monitoring showed that the grounding signal of the stator winding of the motor appeared. After the initial measurement of the cable and motor insulation, the grounding phenomenon was found. The cable joint is uncoupled in the motor junction box, and the 2500V megger is measured for the cable and the motor respectively. The insulation of the motor to ground is 0.5MΩ, and the cable is 3500MΩ, so it can be judged that the stator winding of the motor is grounded.

First, we know that the motor winding ground fault is nothing more than the following:

1. The motor is overloaded for a long time, and the insulation aging deteriorates, causing the insulation to penetrate to the ground;

2. Wire lightning strikes over voltage or operates overvoltage breakdown insulation;

3. When the synchronous motor suddenly disconnects the excitation coil, the high voltage breakdown coil is insulated from the ground;

4, due to conductive dust to reduce the creepage distance, resulting in ground breakdown or flashover;

5, ventilation groove gasket, finger tooth pressure plate open welding or rivet slack, iron core lamination is not tight, tooth flutter and curved tooth pressure plate scraping coil insulation, resulting in winding ground fault;

6. Asynchronous motor excitation coil insulation aging shrinkage, often tremble, the insulation damage to the ground under the frequent start and brake of the motor;

7, because the coil is short-circuited and burnt, causing grounding


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